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Don’t hide your skin’s beauty: reveal it.
How Shiseido’s Sheer Series Is Different

Unlike other foundations, the Sheer Series won't conceal your skin's beauty. In fact, it reveals your skin's beauty to the fullest.

After more than a century of research into the factors that contribute to beautiful skin, as well as advanced light technology, Shiseido has created a base makeup series <Sheer Series>that uses complementary color light effects to even out skin tone.

Now, your skin is color corrected and glowing, as if your bare skin was perfectly, naturally even.

About Sheer Eye Zone Corrector

- Shiseido scientists have discovered that dark circles are caused because the skin under the eyes has fewer yellow and red color pigments than the cheek area.


- Orange-colored Net Base adds the yellow and red pigments that dark circles lack and transmits light to create reflection from the natural bare skin to give it an even tone. Under eye circles become invisible and the area takes on a sheer, natural glow.

- Reflect and Fit Powder generates complementary colors (green, blue and white) to thoroughly neutralize major skin tone concerns under the eyes.


- A sheer corrector that evens the skin tone and provides a healthy, glowing finish under the eyes that lasts all day.

Skincare Effect

- Skin maintains moisture all day long, due to Shiseido's exclusive Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE.


- Orange-colored Net Base
- Non-comedogenic
- Allergy-tested


6 unique shades, created to cancel discoloration around the eyes by adjusting the skin tone around the cheek.

Very Light
Natural Ochre
Warm Beige

*Not all shades are available in all countries. Please consult your closest counter for the shades available in your country/region.

How to Choose

To discover your shade, find your skin tone on the left and match it with your desired brightness.
The three digit number above the column is your Sheer Eye Zone Corrector shade.
Sheer and Perfect Foundation shade numbers (beginning with O, I, B and WB) are included for your reference.

*Not all shades are available in all countries. Please consult your closest counter for the shades available in your country/region.

Use Sheer Eye Zone Corrector to its full potential with the 3 In 1 Complexion Perfector by Dick Page
About Sheer and Perfect Foundation
Unique approach for beautiful skin expression:
Color Complementary Mechanism cancels the skin's color noise with the mechanism focused on colors of light, for beautiful skin that looks just like bare skin.

Color noise: color unevenness of skin tone

There are three main color-related imperfections compromising the beauty of bare skin: red, brown and black. These imperfections disturb beautiful skin tone just as color noise disturbs beautiful colors.
Shiseido's new foundation cancels out color noise by using complementary colors* and light, achieving bare-skin-like beautiful complexions without canceling natural bare skin's beauty.
* Complementary colors are the pairs of hues positioned directly across from one another on the color wheel. Either color can be effectively cancelled out by layering it with light in its complementary color. This makes it possible to make imperfections invisible without concealing them with heavy makeup, leaving your skin looking fresh and glowing.

- A sheer liquid foundation that evens skin tone and provides a healthy, glowing finish that lasts all day.

Skincare Effect

- Maintains skin moisture balance all day. (Contains Hydro-Producing Complex.)


- Shiseido's new formula, Aqua Gel Base, gives a refreshing dewy texture like water. It spreads easily and instantly for a refined, sheer finish that feels fresh, healthy and silky, without stickiness or shininess.

Application and Shiseido's Foundation Collection
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